Client Registration

If you are a new or existing client and would like to schedule a boarding or daycare appointment please fill out the registration form below.

  • 1. The nightly boarding charge applies the first night you drop your pet off and then for each subsequent night the pet is here. After 9am on the last day, daycare charges will apply unless the go home day is a Sunday, then only full daycare charges apply after 3pm.

    2. WLPI is not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal items or toys left with your pet or for any loss or harm caused to the pet by its personal items.

    3. Owner certifies to the accuracy of all information provided about the pet and that the pet is current on all vaccines required by WLPI, and that Owner is the legal Owner of said pet.

    4. Owner agrees that if their dog is in daycare and they do not come before 7pm to pick up, WLPI will board their dog for the night and boarding charges will apply. In the event the Owner does not pick up pet 5 days after they were due to pick-up and if contact cannot be made with the owner, pet will be deemed abandoned, and WLPI may avail itself of any and all legal rights and remedies.

    5. It is the Clients responsibility to double check that the leash/harness/collar is securely attached before exiting the facility and WLPI is not liable if your dog gets off said attachments. Dogs without leashes are also the sole responsibility of the owner, even when in the office.

    6. On occasion, your dog’s picture may be captured on video or other media while staying at WLPI. Owner expressly authorizes such use and will not be compensated for any such use by WLPI.

    7. You agree that there are inherent risks in sending your dog to any dog center, such as illness or injury and you accept these risks because the benefits outweigh the risks.

    8. WLPI will do its best to keep your dog safe, comfortable and clean. However, there is a risk of your dog getting an injury staying with us and playing with other dogs. WLPI shall not be responsible for any expenses, costs, or fees relating to any injury not caused directly by staff or for an illness sustained by your dog while at WLPI. Each owner is responsible for the costs, fees and expenses of his or her own pet, if veterinary care is needed. (Please compare this to your child going to school).

    9. In the event the pet comes ill or injured while at WLPI, we will contact the owner promptly for instructions. If unable to obtain instructions, or if the situation demands urgent action, WLPI in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian, administer medication, or provide a special diet and all of the fees and the expenses will be paid by the Owner.

    10. WLPI shall not be liable, and if Owner releases and holds WLPI and its owners, employees and agents harmless from any occurrence to the pet including loss by fire, theft, jumping over the fence or doors, running away, disease, death or injury while under the care of WLPI except where any loss is caused by an intentional act of WLPI, or its owners, employees or its agents. It is understood and agreed that the maximum replacement value of a pet shall not exceed $500.00.

    11. Owner agrees that the pet shall not be released from WLPI until all charges for boarding, daycare, medication, veterinary services, etc. are paid to WLPI.